At Cascina Avignone we produce Hazelnut Oil by mechanical cold pressing Tonda Gentile Trilobata hazelnuts cultivated exclusively in Piedmont.

This production process is carried out without the addition of chemical solvents for extraction and allows to keep intact all the organoleptic characteristics of the final product.

The oil obtained is free of any chemicals or preservatives that could change its nature: it is “simply raw hazelnut oil”!

The pressing also produces Hazelnut Flour from which oil has been partially removed. This is also free from chemical additives and we suggest to use it in the kitchen as an ingredient for  cakes, biscuits, bread sticks, pasta or as an ingredient for filling, meat breading or as a base of sauces.




Our history

This is a very brief  story about a special place in the heart of the Monferrato region: Cascina Avignone.  It represents our land, our people, our hard work, our pride and especially our soul.  Our father Mario, suddenly passed away just before the millennium, without leaving any written will.He left instead in all of us the strength of his ideas, his convictions, his thoughts, his passion, his love and especially his respect for “our land”.

Cascina Avignone for us represents the continuity and the liaison with our grandparents and our ancestors and the values that have been handed down from generation to generation.  It was, and still is, the place where we used to spend at least six months a year, including our summer holidays.  During this time we helped our parents in the everyday farm work from spring and autumn sowings to the wheat threshing, bailing hay, grape harvesting and the continuous maintenance and restructuring activities needed by a two hundred year old house.

August was a very special month for us because when we were children we used to go under the hazelnut trees on the hill in front of the house to pick the hazelnuts up and break them using two old bricks as a “nutcracker” and eat as many as possible. This is how we fell in love with our hazelnut trees.

We are really honoured and proud to come from this land and we recognize ourselves in the values that have been passed on to us from our grandparents and our parents: humbleness, carefulness, rationality and balance. Values that we would also love to pass on to our new generation.

Under our parents’ never intrusive supervision and attention, we all graduated from highly rated Universities in Italy and travelled the world but we never lost touch and interest for the Cascina Avignone.

We have decided to focus on the hazelnut cultivation and we have taken the decision to plant more of the Piedmontese round, gentle three lobe (Tonda Gentile Trilobata) hazelnut trees.

We have paid a lot of attention, and we put a lot of passion, made many sacrifices and spent a lot of time transforming all our hills into hazelnut fields because good hazelnuts grow just on hills, the hills of our childhood, that we have in our blood, the hills that we miss every time we are far away from them.

We truly believe in this exciting new development of our Cascina Avignone because we are delivering superior quality products to our customers. We are confident that success will be built with our hands, with our efforts and our ideas. We believe and trust nature, hence our motto:



“The unique joy to the world is to start. Living is beautiful because living is starting, always, every moment” [Cesare Pavese]